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IP68 Fiberhub Fiber Access Terminal Box

IP68 Fiberhub Fiber Access Terminal Box

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IP68 Fiberhub Fiber Access Terminal Box

 The Fiberhub Fiber Access Terminal Box supports distributed split architecture which is designed to push the PON splitter further into the network and closer to the customer's premise with multiple levels of splitting. In order to support this network architecture we has developed a small form factor, factory sealed, closure that will house up to a 1x16 splitter. We also have a family of FTTH network access terminal and hardened fiber optic connectors to support the plug-and-play demands of the market. We offer network distribution points in various configurations and footprints. Various port options and connector styles allow for flexibility and customization depending on the number of outputs needed. Robust plastic design is factory sealed to guarantee IP68 ingress protection and applicable GR-3120-CORE requirements.

IP68 Fiberhub Fiber Access Terminal Box


1) High compatibility: can be assembled SurperTap (OptiTap compatible), Fast SC connector, ODC, PTLC, PTMPO or power adapter.
2) Strong enough: working under 1000N pulling force long term.
3) From 2 to 12 ports for single or multifiber harsh connectors.
4) Available with PLC or splice sleeve for fiber divide.
5) IP68 waterproof rating.
6) Wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installation.
7) Decreased angle surface and heigh make sure no connector interfering when operating.
8) Cost effective: save 40% operating time.


FTTH, FTTA, Trunk cable connecting.

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