Shipping & Returns

About Shipping

Generally, we will deliver the goods within 3 working days, the shipping time depends on your country of residence, depending on your country's customs! and usually expect to reach you in 7-20 days. 
If your order need to ship by sea, we will confirm with you first, and the shipping time need around 1-2 month.
In the event of holidays, bad weather, emergencies, etc., please contact us to confirm the delivery time first, So as not to cause you worry.
if your order out of delivery times, have not received merchandise, please contact us and we will solve the problem the first time! 
Some products we have no stock, or the stock is tight, or you want to buy a large quantity, please contact us to the order.
More question or information, you can check on FAQ or Contact Us.

About Return & Exchange Policy

Cancellations, Refunds & Replacement Policies. 
We understand that sometimes things don't always go according to plan so we have made this Refund/Replacement Policy for you!
Cancellations Policy
Customers are allowed to make changes to orders placed within 12 hours of making their purchases. We do not accept changes of orders outside the 12 hours window because our orders are automatically sent to our fulfillment and logistics for processing the next morning.
Buyers are not allowed to cancel their purchases after their orders are shipped.
If the buyer insists on canceling the order for personal reasons, the buyer shall bear the losses caused by the seller's execution of the order, including but not limited to logistics expenses, order processing expenses, collection and payment bank charges, etc.
If you made a mistake with your order details or shipping address. Please contact us and we will gladly assist you if the order has not yet been shipped.
All returns must be accompanied by an approved RMA(Reject Material Authorization) from us. Please follow the below steps to process the refunds, exchanges, or repairs accordingly.
Refunds will be processed after we receives and inspects the returned items. 
Please Note:
1. Returns must be accompanied by a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Number. Please contact us to get a RMA.
2. Product must be in brand new (unused) condition, in original product manufacturers packaging and unmodified to be eligible for return.
3. All components and manuals must be returned.
4. A clear return address and RMA number must be on the package.
5. Custom orders can not be returned when they function properly. Custom Orders mean the manufacturing according to client's detailed requirement.
a. We do not accept any return without reason.
We do not accept any return without reason, but the product that was known to be failed, that is to say, we understand that circumstances change occasionally, and customers have purchased products they no longer require. Requests of returning for refund in such situations are handled on a case-by-case basis.
In all accepted refund request, the shipping charges will not be included.
b. Return for Repairing / Replacement within warranty period
We offer limited warranty for most of our products from the date of delivery, the warranty period for most of our products is 1 year.
If products accessory does not to function properly, free charge to replacement within warranty period. Any help please contact our after-sale teams to discuss the issue.
Please Note:
In all return scenarios, all returned products must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned by Splicermarket depot firstly.
RMA process:
1. A clear return address and RMA number must be on the package.
2. RMA numbers are valid for 15 days after the day of issuance.
3. Returned products must be shipped freight prepaid in their original boxes and packing material.
4. A copy of your packing list/invoice must accompany all returned products.
5. Product returned to you under warranty is shipped freight-prepaid via FedEx or other carrier at our discretion.
More question or information, you can check on FAQ or Contact Us.