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FITEL S326A High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver

FITEL S326A High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver

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Precision Ribbon & Single Fiber Cleaver  FITEL S326A Optical Fiber Cleaver 

FITEL S326A Optical Fiber Cleaver


  • Simple Operation
  • Easy Fibre Loading
  • Durable & Reliable Design
  • Wide Lid Opening
  • Long Blade Life - 24 cleaving positions
  • Lightweight
  • High Capacity Waste Bin

Ergonomic and lightweight, the S326 cleaver offers the versatility of cleaving on a work bench or in the palm of the hand. The reduced lid size and wide opening angle facilitates fibre loading and improves stability resulting in better single and ribbon fibre cleaves.

Just pressing the lever completes the fibre cleave and automatically collects the waste. With 24 positions, the long life blade achieves numerous cleaves.

The S326 cleaver offers optical fibre cleaving for a full range of OSP and OEM applications.


Applicable Fibers All fibre types
Fibre Count Single to 12-ribbon fibre
Clad Diameter 125um
Coating Diameter Single Fibre: 250 ~ 900um
Ribbon Fibre: 280 ~ 400um (thickness)
Cleave Length Single Fibre: Fixed length 10 & 16mm; Variable length 3 ~ 20mm
Ribbon Fibre: Fixed length 10mm
Blade Life 48,000 fibres (2000 fibres x 24 positions)
Dimensions (mm) 96W x 79D x 56H
Weight 250g


Included Accessories are:

  • Single Fibre Adaptor - 2 grooves for 250um & 900um fibres
  • Medium Fibre Waste Bin
  • Large Fibre Waste Bin
  • Allen Wrench
  • Hard Plastic Case
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