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EXFO FIP-430B Digital Fiber Inspection Probe

EXFO FIP-430B Digital Fiber Inspection Probe

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EXFO FIP-430B Digital Fiber Inspection Probe - EXFO Machine

EXFO FIP-430B Digital Fiber Inspection Probe - EXFO Price

Built to simplify and speed up connector certification, the FIP-430B integrates advanced automated features, such as a high-performance, fiber image-centering system and onboard connector-endface pass/fail analysis based on IEC or custom standards to deliver accurate and consistent connector certification in seconds. The probe’s image‑centering function is capable of achieving time savings of up to 57%1, and the unique, automatic focus adjustment feature provides the critical missing link enabling the process to be 100% automated. Not only is the image always captured with optimized quality, the focus protection feature prevents image capture in the event of improper focus adjustment, thus ensuring that no defects or residues affecting performance can be ignored by the analysis.

Users simply connect the FIP-430B to the connector port, following which the probe will automatically detect the connection, find and center the fiber image, adjust and optimize the focus and capture, run the pass/fail analysis, and even save and report the results. The whole process takes just slightly longer than cleaning a connector port, making it difficult to justify overlooking this critical step.  

MF READY Automated Analysis Digital Video Inspection Probe
- Automated Focus
- Automated PASS-FAIL analysis
- Triple Magnification
- Auto Center
- ConnectorMax2 Software
[APC or UPC Bulkhead and Patchcord tips]
**(-XX): APC or UPC must be specified upon ordering
UPC Bulkhead Includes:
- FIPT-400-FC-SC: FC-SC Bulkhead tip
- FIPT-400-U25M: Universal patchcord tip (2.5mm ferrule)
APC Bulkhead Includes:
- FIPT-400-SC-APC: SC APC tip for bulkhead adapter
- FIPT-400-U25MA: Universal patchcord tip for 2,5 mm ferrules APC
[Also including]
- Quick reference guide (Hard Copy)
- FIPT-BOX: Compartmented plastic case for tips
- GP-2175: Protective cap & cord assembly
- GP-3108: Compartmented soft pouch

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