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Fiber Cutting Tools Fiber Optic Cleaver Blade CB16 for CT-30

Fiber Cutting Tools Fiber Optic Cleaver Blade CB16 for CT-30

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The Fujikura CB-16 is a replacement cleaver blade for the Fujikura high precision fiber cleavers within the CT-30 and CT-20 series, as well as the HTC-20 fibre cleaver.

The CB-16 is 22mm in diameter and 2mm thick and made from sintered hard alloy.
The blade has 16 rotation spots and has a blade life of 48,000 fibres (1000 fibres x 3 heights x 16 positions).

The CB-16 blade has a cleaving angle of 0.5 degrees with single fibre.

The CB-16 fits the following Fujikura models: CT-30, CT-30A, CT-30B, CT-32, CT-38, CT-20, CT-20-11, CT-20-12, CT-22 and HTC-20.

Despite the high usage life times of Fujikura Fusion Splicers and Cleavers some parts will require replacement. Fujikura spares and consumables are available to keep your Fujikura equipment operating efficiently and effectively.


1.Small size, lightweight, and easy handling
2.Applicable up to 12-fibre ribbon cleaving
3.Fibre collector equipped as standard
4.16 positions.
5.Blade lifetime – 48 000 operations.
6.Highly durable blade.

Package Contents
Fujikura CB-16 Fiber Cleaver Blade — 1 pc.

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