Waterproof Cable & Adapter

Waterproof Cable & Adapter for outside plant (OSP) project

We offering a wide range of outdoor-rated fiber optic products to support the delivery of communication service. These products are designed to withstand the stresses inherent in outside plant (OSP) installations and prolong environmental exposures. We have highlyexperienced in a variety of armored and non-armored cables, and support aerial, duct and direct buried applications with fiber counts up to 144 cores. Our OSP fiber assemblies are designed to perform to flawlessly in even the most harsh environments.

OSP/FTTA Cabling Solution

Waterproof Optica Adapter

Features And Applications


1) IP67 Protection, Salt-mist proof.
2) Fully Water-blocked.
3) Re-Enterable.
4) Wall Seal Design, Easy Operation, Cost-effective Installation.
5) Light Weight, Dustproof and Waterproof.
6) Angled Output Adapters, for ease of access to ports.
7) Rugged, Hardened input and output ports.


OSP Project
FTTA, FTTH, Base Station
Horizontal and Vertical Cabling
Universal Base mounts to Wall or Pole, Aerial, and Pedestal

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