Field Assembly Optical Connector

Field Assembly Optical Connector

Single-fiber Installation Assembly Connector Solution

This kind of Field Assembly Optical Connector is designed for fast and simple field termination of single fiber, without polishing or epoxy. The connector is made with precision and high quality Zirconia ferrules and provides a highly reliable connection in most of the network application. 

Connector Types

Features / Benefits

1) Comply with TIA/EIA and IEC
2) Quik and easy fiber termination
3) RoHS compliant
4) Reusable termination capability [ Up to 5 times ]
5) Easy to deploy fiber solution
6) High success rate of connections
7) Low Insertion & Back Reflection
8) No special tools required


1) All fiber interconnection
2) Telecom Distribution and Local Area Networks
3) FTTH and FTTx
4) Passive optical networks [ ATM, WDM, Ethernet ]
5) Broadband, Cable TV (CATV)

From subscriber to outdoor ODF and server room, FAOC connector provide connection solution for whole link.

Comprehensive considering operation efficiency, space saving, optical performance, reliability and cost control, FAOC connector has been the premium choice for FTTH.

High reliability of FAOC connector can meet the transmission requirement of sever room. The theory of " Cabling first, termination later" and make cable length on site, help to solve cabling problem of serving room.

5G Network Connection




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