Important tips for using the optical fiber fusion splicer - Fiber Optic Splicing Machine User Guide

Important tips for using the optical fiber fusion splicer - Fiber Optic Splicing Machine User Guide

With the arrival of fiber to-the-home and 5G, fiber fusion splicers commonly used in infrastructure construction are becoming more and more widely used. The following are the precautions.

Fiber Optic Splicing Machine User Guide -

1. The input voltage of optical fiber fusion splices at home and abroad is regulated. Please do not use the voltage that does not meet the regulations, which will damage the battery of the fusion splicer or cause fire. The voltage of AC power supply at home and abroad is basically 100-240V.
2. When charging, use a socket with a ground wire to avoid electric shock.
3. Do not put liquids or other substances into the machine. If water or substances enter the machine, you should cut off the power supply or unplug the battery in time, and use a hair dryer to dry the machine. If there is a problem, do not disassemble the machine without permission.
4. The welding process of the welding machine will perform arc discharge, so do not use it near flammable substances and gases.
5. Please do not touch the heating tank with your hands. It should be done with the matching clip. When replacing the electrode rod, you should also turn off the power to avoid scalding and electric injury.
6. If the machine is smoking or malfunctioning, it should be sent for repair in time.
7. Each fusion splicer is equipped with a dedicated charger. Do not use other adapters or use other chargers to charge. It will cause excessive current or overcharging, resulting in battery leakage, heat generation, rupture and other dangers.
8. The battery cannot be modified and disassembled. Charge according to the specified time, and stop charging when it is fully charged. If you feel abnormal heat or other abnormalities in the battery or charger during charging, please stop charging. Do not use the battery if it is found to be leaking, discolored, deformed, heated, or otherwise abnormal.
9. When using the fusion splicer, cover the windproof cover and avoid dusty places.
10. Put the alcohol in an alcohol bottle and dispose of it when appropriate.

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11. The cleaning splicing machine should be cleaned with alcohol. Do not stick too much alcohol on the alcohol cotton every time you clean it, and do not use other medicines to clean it.
12. The fusion splicer is equipped with a special storage box, which can prevent impact and play a protective role.
13. Be careful not to drop the optical fiber fusion splicer when it is in operation or not in use, which will cause damage to the machine or poor fusion quality.

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