Fiber Optic Cleaver Fujikura CT50 - Your Best Assistant

Fiber Optic Cleaver Fujikura CT50 - Your Best Assistant

The CT50 features automated blade rotation, unprecedented durability, and simplistic maintenance unseen with any other cleaver. Paired with a Bluetooth enabled Fujikura splicer, cleaver blade positions can be automatically advanced when needed based on cleave count or cleave quality. If automated rotation is not desired, the blade position can be advanced at the touch of a button, no tools required. The easy to read blade position indicator clearly displays the selected position. The Bluetooth® feature, along with simplified mechanical operation, increases overall productivity and reliability. The fiber clamp opens beyond 90 degrees and readies the blade for cleaving in the same motion. This allows easy viewing of the distance scale used to gauge cleave length. The 16-position blade yields 60,000 single-fiber cleaves, or 5,000 12-fiber ribbon cleaves. The built-in scrap collector conveniently stores fiber shards until they can be safely discarded.

Fujikura CT50 Fiber Cleaver

The CT50 is an industry first cleaver ruggedized to withstand severe shock, including drops up to 30 inches. If needed, the CT50 is field serviceable with all precision components easily replaced in the field.

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  • Single to 12 fibre cleaving capability Automatic cleaving blade rotation via wireless connection Easy to use – ready cleaver, load fibre and cleave.
  • Lightweight and compact Different versions to accommodate either single fibre adapter plates or fibre holders (for single/multi fibres).
  • Up to 60,000 cleaves per blade Fibre off-cut management.
  • Precision cleaving of 125 μm cladded optical fibres.
  • Cleaving of single fibre or up to 12 core ribbon fibre Splicing or mechanical termination of fibre.
Fiber Optical Cleaver CT50

Operation steps of Fiber Optical Cleaver

Make sure the fiber optic fixture is clean before using the cutting knife;

Open the upper cover of the cutting knife and the clamping plate of the clamp, and push the guide rail equipped with the blade to the side in front of you;

Strip off the optical fiber outer coating layer with wire stripping pliers about 30mm long, and wipe the naked optical fiber clean with fiber cleaning paper dipped in anhydrous alcohol;

Align the edge of the fiber coating with the appropriate scale on the cutter scale (10~20mm);

The left hand puts the fiber into the fiber guide slot, and requires the naked fiber to be placed directly on the rubber mat;

Close the fixture and upper cover and push the guide rail fitted with the blade to cut the lower surface of the fiber and cut off the fiber without too much force;

Hold the cutting knife with your left hand and open the upper cover of the cutting knife with your right hand;

Hold the optical fiber with your left hand, and open the clamp pressing plate with your right hand, carefully remove the optical fiber with the end face cut;

Finish the optical cutting;

How to Use Fujikura CT50


1) the end face of the cut fiber shall not be touched by hands or clothes to avoid pollution;

2) be sure to put the waste fiber after cutting into the waste fiber box of the cutting knife;

3) Pay attention to cleaning after using the fiber cutting knife, which can be put into the convenient box if not used for a long time.

Fujikura CT 50 Fiber Cleaver Price

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