Do you know about Exfo MaxTester 730C - PON/metro OTDR

Do you know about Exfo MaxTester 730C - PON/metro OTDR

What is the MaxTester 730C ?

What is the Exfo MaxTester 730C

The MaxTester 730C (MAX-730C) is designed for testing through FTTH/PON splitters for end-to-end characterization. This Handheld OTDR is ideal for FTTH/PON testing, live fiber troubleshooting and metro range testing.

Exfo MAX-730C Otder

The Exfo MAX-730C advantage:

7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen

Characterize and troubleshoot links up to 100 km with a dynamic range of 39 dB

Optimized to test through optical splitters and characterize FTTH links

Find more problems closer to the splitter than other OTDRs thanks to the highest resolution for PON testing and the shortest PON dead zone available

Exfo MAX-730C For Sale

Key Features

12-hour autonomy

Handy, lightweight, powerful, tablet-inspired design

Rugged design built for outside plant

7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen–the biggest in the handheld industry

Dynamic range: 39/38/39 dB

Dead zones: EDZ 0.6 m, ADZ 2.5 m



Introduction and application of MaxTester 730C

Introduction and application of MaxTester 730C

FTTx/PON testing through splitters (up to 1x128)

Live fiber troubleshooting

Metro links testing (P2P)

Access network testing (P2P)


Exfo MaxTester 730C



Two USB 2.0 ports
RJ-45 LAN 10/100 Mbit/s


2 GB internal memory (20 000 OTDR traces, typical)


Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery
12 hours of operation as per Telcordia (Bellcore) TR-NWT-001138

Power supply

Power supply AC/DC adapter, input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 9-16 V DCIN 15 Watts minimum



Dynamic range


Event dead zone


Attenuation dead zone


Distance range

0.1 to 160 km

Pulse width

5 ns to 20 us



Loss threshold


Loss resolution


Sampling resolution

0.04 to 5m

Sampling points

Up to 256 000

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