What Are The Different Types Of Fiber Optic Connectors? (SC,LC,FC and ST)

What Are The Different Types Of Fiber Optic Connectors? (SC,LC,FC and ST)

In optical fiber communication, there are many kinds of optical fiber ports. FC, SC, ST, and LC are commonly used.

Fiber optic cables utilize a number of different connectors that can be used to terminate the cable. While they do have some similarities, each has a different size and shape, so they are not interchangeable. When preparing any fiber-related equipment for installation, it is important to ensure that the cable is equipped with the right connector for the job.

SC Fiber Optic Connector

SC is arguably the most common type of fiber optic connector in use today. The SC design is simple to use and cheap to produce, and uses a push-pull design similar to the LC but uses a latch instead of a latch to hold the unit. The SC's low-cost design makes it a popular choice for industries that use fiber optics frequently, such as telecommunications and data communications.

LC Fiber Optic Connector

The LC is designed as a push-pull connector, secured with a latch. While being faster and easier to navigate is an advantage of the LC, its main advantage is its small size. LC is about half the size of other fiber optic connectors, so it can be used on devices that don't have enough space to support fiber optic connections.

FC Fiber Optic Connector

FC is an older optical fiber connector that is currently being phased out as an industry standard. While single-mode cables still use FCS, they are rarely seen on multi-mode cables. Compared to newer fiber optic connectors, FC connectors take longer to plug and unplug because of their screw screwed design. Moreover, the more complex the metal is to design and use, the more expensive it is to manufacture. Despite these disadvantages, FC still has some use because these threads allow it to remain safe when used on a mobile machine.

ST Fiber Optic Connector

The ST uses a similar design to FC, but instead of using threads, it uses a locking mechanism similar to the BNC coaxial connector. This fiber optic connector is also used in ODF, which is easier and faster to install than FC fiber optic connectors. When installing FC, some green operators may overflow the buckle, but this does not happen with ST.

It is by far the smallest connector. Optional SFP optical module. Because of its small size and high density layout, it is the most widely used optical element at present.


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