Optical fiber cleaver for fiber fusion splicer accessories

Optical fiber cleaver for fiber fusion splicer accessories

Fiber cleavers are used to cut silica glass fibers for device packaging, cold splicing and discharge fusion splicing. Adaptable fiber: single-core or multi-core silica bare fiber; Fiber cladding: 100-250um diameter.

In the use of optical fiber fusion splicing machines, the cleaver is a very important accessory tool. The end of the fiber cut with the cleaver is still flat after hundreds of times of magnification and observation, which provides the best conditions for fusion splicing and reduces the splicing loss to the lowest.

Second, the operation method of the fiber cleaver:

1. Use three-necked pliers to remove the coating on the surface of the optical fiber, averaging about 30-40 mm..Wrap the optical fiber with alcohol-dipped dust-free paper and then wipe the optical fiber clean.

2. Put the fiber horizontally into the groove of the cleaver clamp. Pay attention to the level, do not tilt or skew.

3. Cut the fiber. Be careful not to touch any objects with the cut fiber, keep the fiber clean and the section level.

Fujikura CT50 Fiber Cleaver
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