Daily maintenance of Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine

Daily maintenance of Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine

As a tool with high frequency, fiber fusion splicer is often used in harsh environments. Proper maintenance helps to improve the service life of the optical fiber fusion splicer, so that it can play a better role. If you have an optical fiber splicer, do you maintain it on time?
In the following, Splicermarket provides recommendations for routine maintenance of the Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine, which is frequently used in the communication field.

1.Cleaning of Fusion Splicer

Cleaning of Fusion Splicer - Splicermarket.com
  A. Cleaning the whole splicing machine
As a socially responsible company that makes regular visits to its customers, Splicermarket's Engineers are well-informed. Some optical fiber fusion splicer splicing machine, that is terrible to see. The shell of the optical fiber fusion splicer splicing machine has accumulated dust for more than years. Although the optical fiber connection environment is not necessarily clean, but if for a long time, dust fell into the machine, dirty V-slot, dirty lens, stuck motor, what is good? ! Therefore, the usual use of a rag or wet paper towel to wipe the shell of the optical fiber fusion splicer, and the surface of the exposed part, with air-blowing dust, it will not take too long.

B. Cleaning of v-groove

Cleaning of v-groove - Splicermarket.com

V-groove is an important part of optical fiber fusion splicer. Its function is to fix and support the left and right optical fibers during welding. It is very important to clean V slot in the daily maintenance of optical fiber fusion splicer. The specific cleaning of V-slot can be viewed as the importance and method of v-slot cleaning of optical fiber fusion splicer.
  C. Clean the optical fiber press foot and press plate
As a direct contact with the surface of the fiber, there is dirt on it will affect the alignment of the fiber. So, always use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol
  D. Electrode cleaning
After the optical fiber fusion splicer splicing machine is used for a long time, the arc discharge will make part of the fiber gasification, and part of the glass is attached to the surface of the electrode after gasification, which will also affect the discharge of the electrode.
  E. Lens cleaning

Fusion Splicer Lens cleaning - Splicermarket.com

When there is dust on the lens or the optical fiber is attached to the lens after vaporization, the alignment of the optical fiber will be affected. For example, the alignment time is prolonged or cannot be aligned, and the estimation of weld loss will also be affected. When cleaning, remove the electrode first, then use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, from the center outward in a spiral way to wipe.
  F. Cleaning of Fiber Cleaver

Cleaning of Fiber Cleaver - Splicermarket.com

Wipe the fiber clip, anvil, and blade separately with a cotton swab dampened with alcohol. Remember to clean the clip if there are fiber fragments left on it or if the cutting angle is greater than 3 degrees.
2. Replacement of electrode rod

Replacement of electrode rod - Splicermarket.com

The electrodes must be changed frequently. Single core optical fiber fusion splicer is generally recommended 5000 times to replace once. Multi core optical fiber fusion splicer splicing machine 1500 times to replace once. For details, please refer to the Replacement instructions and procedures of German parallel wing optical fiber fusion splicer pole. It is important to note that the screwdriver equipped with the German wing should be used to gently unscrew the screws fixing the electrodes, do not use too much force!
3. Splicing Machine Discharge Correction
It is recommended to conduct discharge calibration once a day if the frequency is high. Otherwise, discharge calibration is performed once before each use. Remember, whenever the optical fiber fusion splicer for a long journey, or when there are drastic changes in temperature and humidity, you have to discharge correction oh.
4. Replace the blade position and adjust the blade height

Replace the blade position and adjust the blade height - Splicermarket.com

Fiber cutting quality is closely related to fiber loss. In order to achieve low loss, good cutting quality also needs to be guaranteed. For details about how to replace blade positions and adjust blade heights, see Cutting knife Adjustment method.
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine is like the use of personnel's car, to care for and protect, so as to improve its service life. In addition, we suggest that every use of a Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine for a year or so, it is best to take the fiber fusion splicer to the optical fiber fusion splicer splicing machine agent there for inspection and maintenance.

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